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Creating Your Unique Selling Proposition

In order to be able to set yourself apart in the business arena, you first need to be able to define what it is about your business that is singularly different from any other competitor.

What if I were to ask you a very simple yet powerful question -"Why should I bring my business to you instead of any other competitive business?" What would your answer be? The truth is that most people wouldn't’t even be able to define what makes them unique. So I would submit to you, that if you don’t know, then how can you expect your client to patronize you and only you.

Until you are able to articulate clearly and concisely in one to two paragraphs what singular Unique Selling Proposition that your business can offer, then expect only ineffective marketing and advertising results.

Most people in business are trying to be all things to all people and as a result are paying the price in bottom line profits. Only when you have been able to define that one unique advantage that makes you different, then and only then can you begin to educate the public as to why they would be better of spending their hard earned dollars in your business. Having a Unique Selling Proposition enables you to clearly align yourself with your target market.

Unique Selling Propositions can be built around any number of perceived marketing values - price, service, quality etc. Any specific big promise or unique feature that you can offer is the foundation of your Unique Selling Proposition.

Having designed a Unique Selling Proposition make sure that it addresses an obvious void in the market place and that you are able to consistently fulfill your promise. By doing this you will create an Identity that people can begin to associate with and eventually come to trust. As a general rule the more specific you make your Unique Selling Proposition the better.

Your Unique Selling Proposition must be implemented into every piece of marketing and advertising material that you create in order to be effective. It becomes the very fabric of your business existence. Your customers and prospects must be repeatedly informed of what your Unique Selling Proposition is and the many benefits that they can derive from it. You need to be able to able to articulate it clearly and precisely both in writing and orally.

Always use plenty of examples of how you implement your Unique Selling Proposition within your business. Because a Unique Selling Proposition is so critical to the long term success of your business, every person who is employed to work in any capacity needs to be well versed in it. They need to know what your Unique Selling Proposition is and they need to know why its important for them to project it.

It must become company policy.

Here is an example of what I am talking about. Lets say that you own a mechanical supply store. You have identified a real need in the market place. One that is truly a Big Benefit to your customers. Namely your typical customer, mechanics, keep lot's of inventory of automotive parts. They also order their stock every few weeks and have to wait around one week for delivery.

Because of this they will have problems with running out of parts, costly downtime, money tied up in stock, and frustration with late deliveries to name a few.

Being a smart business person you see an opportunity to save the mechanic the cost of inventory and the hassles of waiting for supplies. Your market research indicates that there are no other suppliers offering a fulfillment service delivering directly to the mechanic within a specified time of under twenty four hours.

So you set up a business model and marketing message using a Unique Selling Proposition. Now remember the USP is based on benefits, not features. The difference is crucial. The USP must also be very specific. Lets see what sort of a USP statement we can generate.

"Largest range of Automotive Parts Delivered Direct to You."

What's wrong with this statement? Firstly, it's to general and doesn't articulate the benefit enough.

Lets have another go.

"Mechanics - XYZ Widgets stocks 375 major automotive parts and will deliver them directly to you within two hours from the time of your order, we guaranteed this or your order is free. Save on costly inventory and have peace of mind knowing your order will be in your hands ready to go in under two hours.

This is a much better USP as it is specific, is aimed directly to its market, namely mechanics and also has a risk reversal component.

Now, if you have researched your market properly your USP will hit the bulls eye of your target market and will produce peak results in its marketing effectiveness.