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Introducing the Peak Performance Technology Sales and Communication Program

"It's Not About Selling it's all About Communication"

Why? Because the singular most important skill that you can learn in life, is the ability to understand what shapes other peoples perceptions, emotions and actions so that you can positively impact them and increase the quality of their lives and in doing so enrich your own. This becomes the foundation from which all sales occur.

In today's market there is so many sales training programs being presented. Most of them are simply presenting an individual's own style of selling. And all of them are heavily based on the sell.

They all over look the fundamental principle, the bases of all exquisite salespeople's success, and that is, powerful communication skills. Outstanding salespeople have developed an innate ability to gather all the vital information needed from their customer or client, so that the prospect could make an effective buying decision.

An effective selling strategy must match an individuals buying process and that is what the Peak Performance Technology Sales and Communication Program is all about.


Going Beyond Theory to Experiential Results

For the first time you will be given all the tools necessary to execute powerful and effective communications directed to your client or customer with accurate precision.

You will come to have an understanding of how people think, what motivates them and most importantly how to present to them so that they are compelled to buy.

You will also learn more about yourself in the three and a half days than you would believe is possible. You will develop empowering new behaviours that will allow you to overcome self-imposed limitations, what stops you from achieving right now in your life.

You will come to have an understanding of how people think, what motivates them and most importantly how to present to your clients so that they are compelled to buy.

For the first time you will be given all the tools necessary to execute powerful and effective communications directed to your client or customer with accurate precision increasing your conversion rate by up to 33%.

You will learn what the psychology of success is and how to apply it in your own life allowing you to be more, do more, and have more.

You will discover ground breaking techniques of behavioural science delivered to you in a simple and easily understood way. This will easily put you in the top percentage of your field.

You will have knowledge of how to build rapport and connect quickly and easily with prospective clients, and for that matter, anybody. Think of the benefits this will have in your professional and personal life?

You will also learn more about yourself during the thirty hours of training than you would believe is possible.

You will develop empowering new behaviours that will allow you to overcome self-imposed limitations, those things that stop you from achieving right now in your life.


Challenge Yourself to Discover Your Own Latent Potential

The training program consists of the following areas:

An in-depth personal assessment of each sales member in the context of communication and sales. The purpose of which is to define the individuals current level of performance and understanding of the sales and communication process.

An experiential life changing training based on principles modeled from peak performers in the Fortune 100 companies.

The program has been designed in a simple yet powerful way allowing each individual to not only learn about how they think and act but most importantly to experience perceptual shifts that will dramatically improve their everyday performance. The information is based on the very latest advances in human behavioral sciences. These sciences include Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Design Human Engineering and Hypnosis.

Topics Covered
Topics included in the program will be:

Discover the building blocks of effective communication

How to pick subtle shifts in behaviour and notice what works and what doesn't

Become skilled in the language of success

Learn how to create and maintain rapport - they will want you as their best friend

How to identify key personality types and use this to influence with integrity

How to determine the primary motivation of a buyer and the 4 key emotions

Learn the importance of how to effectively direct your communication

How to map an individuals buying strategy

Learn how to create and maintain peak emotional states

How to change any objection into a positive selling factor

Learn how to turn rejection into a positive driving force

The distinction between short term and long term selling

How to influence with integrity

The Duration of the Program
The total time for the communication and sales program is three and a half days.


Self Empowerment Comes by First Acknowledging the Power of Self

The end result, at the completion of the program will be for each individual to have an experiential understanding of, and the ability to demonstrate, how to obtain rapport, how to determine the personality type of the customer, the use of body language and non verbal communication, how to map a client and how to induce a buying state.

The fundamental principles of effective selling are good communications and the ability to relate well with the customer. And yet very few people ever stop and think about the benefits of increasing this skill. It is very common for the catch phrase; "To be a good salesperson you need to be a better listener".

Again nobody tells you what to listen for or how to go about mapping a potential client by what they say. By knowing how to listen and what to listen for you can determine more about how a client processes information in five minutes, than they would know about themselves in a lifetime. Now that's powerful.

Another area of benefit that this program provides is behavioral flexibility. What this means is the ability to relate with a greater number of potential clients.We guarantee you that currently some salespeople would lose 30 to 60 % of their sales as a direct result of there inability to connect well with a customer.

This is because they are not aware of different personalities and how to adapt themselves to match the customers buying style. Simply by being more aware and knowing how to adapt, sales will increase immediately. That means better profits for the salesperson and for the company.

Also, all participants will find that the benefits will flow into all areas of their life as a result of completing the communication and sales program. From a management point of view, this means better attitudes to work and better productivity with increased sales.

Other benefits include, improved thinking skills, the ability to resolve customer conflicts, the ability to maintain empowering emotional states, greater levels of self confidence and self esteem, and a deeper awareness of how to create a mastery state of mind.

Quality Guarantee
Peak Performance Technology gives a guarantee on the quality of information, and the effectiveness of the results based on the following conditions.

A 30 day satisfaction guarantee is given on the grounds that, if your company has not received any benefit from the training in any way, having implemented all of the information explicitly as taught, then you can ask for and be refunded 100% of any money paid. You can even keep the training manuals provided.

So you see, we will commit more than 100% of ourselves to you. All that we ask in return is that you will commit 100% to yourself first and then to us.

WARNING: If you aren't interested in being all that you could be then this is not for you or your company.

The Quality of Your Life is the Quality of Your Communications

What Peak Performance Technology implements is totally unique, as it is state of the art technology. There is nobody else in the Mid North Coast that imparts the specific revolutionary information that you will experience with this training program.

The consistent feedback that we receive is two words, "Life Changing". This to can be your experience but only if you decide now to make a difference. We are very passionate about what we do and we only want to work with people that truly desire to know more and to do more so that they can have more out of life.

It is in the moments of decision that your destiny is formed, decide today to make a difference for your business team. Take action and telephone

Peak Performance Technology today on 02 6651 8377 or
email here.

Take the next step in creating a powerful and dynamic sales force as we would love to assist you in generating greater levels of bottom line profits for you and your company. Telephone now, pick up the telephone and call ...

Peak Performance Technology today on 02 6651 8377 or email here.

Warm Regards

Principal of Peak Performance Technology


Testimonials from Training's

The communication course that I have undertaken with Peak Performance Technology has been one of the most informative and enlightening courses I have ever been involved with.

Not only did I learn about communicating effectively with others but I also learnt a great deal about myself in the process.

The course was effective because it gave you the techniques to continually practice and enhance your skills at any time now or in the future.

I would thoroughly recommend the course to anyone.

Neil Power,
Financial Controller
Mike Blewitt Ford
Coffs Harbour

At first I was very skeptical about Stephens Sales and Communication Program, having consistently achieved Ford Motors top regional sales position for the last 6 years.

I began the training with great reluctance. However the more I listened to Stephens unique and dynamic teachings I realised that he was actually teaching and demonstrating Peak Performance Strategies. I began to understand much more about how I communicated to myself and to others.

This course goes beyond theory. It provides a practical approach to understanding how to clearly define the needs of the client and to elegantly and efficiently fulfill those needs. I would definitely recommend this training to managers and sale people, in fact anybody who is serious about producing high performers within their industry.

Andrew Parker,
Fords regional NSW Salesman of the year 1993,1996 and 1997 Runner up, 1994,1995 and 1998

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