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Focus Equals Power

To truly know how to harness the tremendous power of the mind requires that you learn to focus your thought in a concentrated way. Think of a laser beam. It is a powerful instrument. Its power isn’t because it has more energy, but simply because the energy that it uses has a higher degree of focus.

Perhaps you may have played with a magnifying glass as a child. You might have seen other children burning their name on a piece of wood and thought that you would like to do the same. You would have realized very quickly that just holding the glass over the piece of wood didn’t cause it to burn.

What was required was the ability to focus the suns rays in a concentrated way. You harnessed the energy of the sun that was already in existence. You didn’t need to obtain more sunlight.

Take this little analogy and think of how it can be applied specifically to your business.

What areas could you focus on more?

What actions need to be refined in order to produce greater results?

What resources do you already have that if used more effectively could produce exponential growth?

Remember, sometimes all that it takes is a small degree of change to produce a massive result. A result that was possible all along even though it might not have seemed apparent to you, up until now.