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I’m about to make a bold statement which I believe to be very true. You see at one level I believe that I know you. I believe that deep inside of you there is a yearning to create a better quality of life, to be more, to express who you really are and to have a deeper richer life full of love and passion.

I know that it might sound absurd, however the very fact that you are reading this brochure indicates that for whatever reason, in some area of your life be it personal, professional, business, emotional or financial you have a burning desire to improve the results that you are currently obtaining. You know everybody wants to change something in their life at some time. But they just don’t know how to. So they continue to go on living in blind faith that maybe someday things will get better all by itself.

At Peak Performance Technology we have the very latest strategies and behavioural technology for human change that is presently available. However unless you first decide to change, and be committed, things will not automatically change for you. We are personally committed to helping you achieve the level and quality of life that you desire.

Please take the time now and ask yourself, what will your future be like in five years time if you don’t decide to make a change ? What will the cost be and can you really afford not to do something ? On the other hand imagine how your life can be, how do you see yourself, in what areas of your life have you gained the most and how much more self satisfaction and pleasure do you experience having made the decision to take control of your life now. You to can have...

Physical Empowerment
Reduce Stress, Increase Energy Levels, Maintain Appropriate Weight Levels, Peak Fitness Strategies, Mental Success Coaching

Emotional Empowerment
Resolve Trauma, Melt Fears and Phobias, Remove Unconscious Blockages, Resolve Inner Conflicts,

Financial Empowerment
Create Multiple Sources Of Income, Personal Marketing Strategies, Future Pacing and Outcome Setting,

Relationship Empowerment
Create Greater Rapport and Bonding, Communicate More Effectively, Resolve Personal Conflicts

Self Empowerment
Build Resourceful Emotional States, Install Peak Performance Strategies, Design and Install New Behaviors, Align Values, Remove Limiting Beliefs

You know, you’re only one step away from transforming any area of your life. Ultimately it is the quality of your communication that determines the quality of your life. How you communicate with yourself will determine the actions that you take. And the action you take today will determine your future results. It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is formed.

Take action today and telephone to make your personal and confidential appointment.

Phone Peak Performance Technology today on (02) 6651 8377 or 0417 675 807 Email inquiries@peakperformancetechnology.com



You have dramatically changed my life by teaching me how to take hold of my destiny. Also I have made a major breakthrough in the area of my relationship after you dealt with a lifelong emotional blockage.

Rhonda Griffith, Albury NSW


Stephen, the profound growth you have helped me achieve in my life with your masterful use of NLP(you can quote me on this) has been nothing short of miraculous. When I look back to who and what I was before you began working with me I can hardly recognise myself. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Joel Clarke, Melbourne


As an Industrial Psychologist having worked with Stephen I can honestly say that the results he achieved were phenomenal.

Joanne Aherne, Sydney


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