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An Introduction to PPT

Peak Performance Technology was established in 1995 and is situated in the beautiful coastal city of Coffs Harbour, in the state of New South Wales, Australia.

The purpose of PPT is to provide a holistic approach to personal and business consulting. This means that instead of having many and varied organizations involved in the consulting process, PPT is able to provide a complete consulting service. From individual employees to executive coaching, training programs, internet and strategic marketing.

The full range of our services, together with their description can be found by clicking on the services page.



About the Principal of PPT

Stephen Brehaut is a Master Practitioner of NLP™, a Time Line Therapist™ Design Human Engineer™, and holds a Certificate of Hypnotherapy (ABH). He is also a Mastermind Success Graduate of Jay Abraham.

Stephen has also studied Metaphysics and other Esoteric teachings.

He has personally trained with Garry Yardley a Master Trainer with excellence, Jan Kelly, Tad James, Will McDonald (co-author with Richard Bandler), Terry McClendon and John La Valle, the president of the First Institute of NLP.

Stephen has a unique style of delivery and likes to impart as much information as he can. He is a passionate and enthusiastic educator.

He has a tremendous ability of taking complex NLP™ subjects and translating them into simple to understand yet powerful concepts.

Stephen has been involved with the industry for more than ten years and is the Principal of Peak Performance Technology.

He has consulted with a wide range of clients from all walks of life. This includes executive coaching with managers to individuals with personal conflicts.

Some of these clients include Qantas Ramp Services, Rainpure Europe, Ascari racing team, Ford franchises, Acelowe Roofing Pty Ltd, North City Finance, Quik Scribe, Formula One racing driver Klaas Zwart and Scania Australia.

Read some of our many Testimonials


Testimonial 1

Stephen Brehaut of Peak Performance Technology, is a passionate and dynamic person who has empowered and positively impacted the lives of individuals and businesses alike.

As a Peak Performance Coach and a Strategic Marketing Consultant, I have personally found him to be totally committed in assisting those who truly desire to take the quality of their lives to the next level and beyond. Stephen has developed a creative flair for designing unique marketing strategies that specifically suit the individual needs of his clients.

Having worked in a large range of businesses over the last eight years he has discovered that behind all results are organizing principles. People who are achieving massive results operate by these principles either consciously or unconsciously.

By utilizing and implementing these same guiding principles into your business he will be able to create for you a richer and fuller life, one by design rather than by default. Stephen guarantees to unleash and liberate your hidden business potential.

Stephen Brehaut is a man unlike few other business people whose services I have engaged. He is an extraordinary business builder.

Mal Fittler
Boutique Resort Owner


Testimonial 2

Dear Steve
I thought that I would thank you personally for the training you provided.What can I say?

Your training provided me with the only "real communication training I have encountered in 20 years of working life, and I have done both corporate and tertiary communications training.In a business and work environment your training provides immediate and measurable results, sometimes astounding the observers as to the effectiveness and control your techniques can produce, when used properly.Your ethical approach, honesty of subject and methodology in providing training should be commended.

One of the most useful aspects of your training is its adaptability. Not only did you provide the tools to improve business and work communications, relationships and attitudes, your training also profoundly benefited my personal communications and relationships.

I have found that with a consistent revision schedule of the ample notes provided with your training, I can continually revise and improve communications, relationships and attitudes in both my personal and business life.

Once again Steve thank you for you time, effort and attitude and for providing the opportunity to learn a "true" communication skill. I'm converted.

Mark Kearns

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