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Are You Ready to Gain Increased Business Profits with
26 Focused Coaching Sessions?


One of the key distinctions recognized by the fortune five hundred businesses in America, one which was directly responsible for increased productivity and profitability, was simply holding regular weekly meetings.

However, the real distinction was that the meetings were structured and they focused on key areas of business competency.

The power in this system is that new abilities and behaviours are developed and implemented over a period of time. They build on each other with the end result being exponential.

One reason for this is that you are harnessing the natural processes of change and growth with new habits being formed and reinforced on a continual basis. With this dynamic process each skill builds upon the next with the outcome in most cases, leading to massive profit growth.

This system has become known as process training and is apposed to the usual way that most businesses conduct training with one off event training.

“Event training (which I’ve been unintentionally – guilty of) is when you learn a new technique that isn’t integrated into your processes so that it can maintain and sustain itself. It produces tremendous results for a time, and then you sink right back into the quagmire of the status quo.

Process training is how pilots, doctors and military specialists all get expertly trained. It’s refocusing over and over again at a deeper and deeper progressive level of heightened understanding and proficiency on a critical competency -- until you become masterful at it!”
Jay Abraham

Revealed, the eight major areas of competency that a company must develop to increase profitability

Listed are the eight critical key areas that are essential to the overall performance and profitability of any company.

1. Company Identity & Direction
2. Business model and philosophy
3. Time Management
4. People Management
5. Policies and Procedures
6. Goals
7. Marketing & Sales
8. Communication Skills

What If you could improve the eight areas of competency over 26 weeks and give your business total dominance in the Market place…

Listed are the major areas covered in the Focused Business Coaching sessions. Each topic ties in with the eight competencies listed above.

Subjects covered over the 26 fortnightly, 2 hour focused business sessions are:

Define and build collective Corporate Vision

Establish core values, the Company Mission and its Purpose in the market place.

Identify the individual Roles within the Company.

Identify the activities for each role and to set acceptable performance levels.

Establish a personal Management system.

Review current policies and procedures.

Establish the process of goal setting.

Implement a resource analysis and have new objectives set.

Orchestrate Mastermind sessions for new strategies.

Teach Marketing principles. Strategy Vs Tactics.

Establish time management procedures.

Define the unique benefits of the company in relation to its market.

Establish the Marginal net worth of a customer.

Teach the psychology of optimum performance.

Review current sales strategies and educate on the sales process.

Review current lead generating systems.

Understanding personality and working as a team.

Customer relationship and problem solving.

Each focus session will be structured accordingly.

Each member will sign a training attendance role. They will be required to attend every session for maximum effectiveness to be insured.

Topics will be presented with introduction and outcomes required. A period of time will be allocated for educational purposes followed by group work and to set directives for the fortnight.

It will be expected that all members attending complete the individual directives given before the following focus session.

Each member is expected to demonstrate their competency with each respective objective and will be coached accordingly.

Each focus session will be conducted over a two hour period. Any extra consultation outside of this training will be charged at the current billable rate.

As a manager you know you understand that you have to work ON your business in order to really make it great.

Would you also agree that spending only two hours per fortnight implementing the focused business coaching, with all the competencies listed, is exactly the boost that will make your business outstanding?

Realistically, what is the minimum return that you could expect from having your business coached. Let’s say that each member increased their level of performance by just 10%. Collectively that’s a 50% increase in output.

But let’s look at what happens in terms of profit for you company. If we increased the number of clients you have by just 10%, and then we increased the amount of profit per transaction by 10%, and finally we increased their frequency of purchases by just 10% then the total aggregate profit is a substantial 33% increase. The profit in this example has increased exponentially.

Translate this in terms of bottom line profits for your company, put a dollar value to it. You will find that it compares very favourably with our fee for the twenty six 2hr sessions.

That’s a once off fee compared to ongoing yearly profits. Plus you gain the benefit of having a better working environment, more free time with increased personal satisfaction.

Now, at this point you will have to make a decision, but before you do, please let me tell you what I require before I would take on the role of business coach within you organization. Please know, that I do reserve the right to decide whether I will be contracted by your company or not.

It’s very simple really. I expect that there would be nothing less than one hundred percent co-operation, that each member have total respect for the process being implemented, that they have a willingness to learn and will be prepared to challenge their own limitations. They must all want to grow as individuals and demand of themselves and of me, nothing but the best.

They must be responsible to complete any and all tasks given and to work together as a team with the sole purpose of creating greater profitability for the company.

Your decision at this stage may be clear. You might decide to do nothing or you can engage our services.

If you do decide to engage us then I will do everything that I can to make your business a stronger more cohesive and profitable company than ever before. If we both agree to the engagement of Peak Performance Technology coaching your business, I will give you a two month period, that’s eight coaching sessions in which you can decide to continue or to pull out from your contractual agreement.

I will also give you a complete refund of any money paid. In doing this I will take on all the risk. Please give serious thought to this proposal. If there is any information that you would like clarified then contact my office on 02 6651 8377. We will respond to you as quickly as possible.

Yours Sincerely
Stephen Brehaut

PS. I do not take on this position lightly. I am risking my time, reputation and loss of income. I will demand total commitment from you and the team members. I also expect that if satisfied you will refer a minimum of two other businesses of equal quality that strongly desire to increase profits.


Company Testimonial

Acelowe Roofing as a company had for many years been manufacturing focused. It became evident to me that our business needed to change and to become more market driven if it was to remain competitive and viable for the long term.

At the time I realized this, I was strongly recommended the services of Peak Performance Technology by a business associate.

After an initial consultation with Stephen Brehaut, the principal of Peak Performance Technology, it was further evident to me that his company could help me to change the way we thought and acted within our business, and specifically, to increase our staff performance levels and company bottom-line profit.

We commenced the Peak Performance Business Coaching and Training program and it was conducted with our staff on a fortnightly basis.

Stephen helped us develop a clear vision for our company and provided training to enable us to achieve these goals.

After 12 months of consulting the evidence was clear. We had experience an increase in our staff moral and performances, with sales levels in one department having increased by more than twenty five percent.

During this time I have found Stephen to be extremely professional and knowledgeable in all aspects of our business relationship.

The training our staff received included all aspects of communication and sales skills, as well as marketing strategies and sound business principles. I have found this to be invaluable for them in both their business and private lives.

From a personal perspective, Stephen has motivated me, and enabled me to refocus my energies so that I can continue to develop our company into a strong market-driven organization.

Stephen is a true educator. I would highly recommend Peak Performance Technology to any organization wishing to improve their competitiveness through staff development and business coaching.

Company Manager
Maurie Biela
Acelowe Roofing Pty Ltd
7 Lawson Crescent
Coffs Harbour
NSW 2450
02 66 525 344

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